and I have a big fringe & a big heart.

Here’s me in my two most natural habitats… at the pub and in the wild.

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This is where you’ll find out a little bit more about me and what makes me tick -  I want to make sure you like my work, the way I do things and me so peruse this little section and see if you think we’d get on! 

First up, I’m definitely a lady of two halves. I’m absolutely love pottering around at home cooking, doing the crossword, practising my cello & reading my book...

BUT although I can be a home bird I also travel A LOT and spend a lot of time researching my next adventures. Last year I went to 9 countries and this year I am due to hit 30…! My love of sun, foreign foods, experiencing new cultures and cheap beer keeps me searching for my next spot continually.

I am also still definitely known as a bit of party girl and donning sequins & sparkles and dancing the night away with my best friends is still high on the agenda.

Below are some lovely little illustrations about all of my favourite things…


Music, glitter and day time drinking - what's not to love? 


Literally any excuse to don some finery... 


Double shot Sly gin, fever tree tonic, juniper berries and a slice of lime, please


               Badly written crime thrillers are my secret love. 


Pretty much my life force. 


Favourites are Chaource & Vacherin Mont D'or


little green gifts from heaven


        Avid french speaker and trying to learn Spanish! Oui Oui


Little rolls of deliciousness. I can even make it myself! 


    ..... keeps me sane!


No longer in the scratchy cat phase thank god!


 Mainly scrabble, chess & bananagrams...


  Folk to classical to acoustic guitars to drum & bass and everything in between....(90s R&B is my guilty pleasure) 


With every spare second & penny I have I try and spend it exploring somewhere new


         Is there anything more satisfying than ticking things off a list?

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Do you think we'd get on? Here's some more useful stuff! 


Me with a camera to prove I do actually shoot weddings!