Winter Tipi Wedding Photography - Garden Wedding at Home - Tara & Ross

What a wedding this was! Tara & Ross got married on the 30th December in that (usually very odd period) between Christmas and New Year. So instead of the usual gorging on left overs and watching rubbish TV I headed over to Norfolk to photograph their glorious wedding.

To say there wasn't any last minute stress with this would be a teensy lie, the weather had other plans that nearly stopped their outdoor tipi reception going ahead but luckily the skies cleared just in time and everything looked beautiful dappled with winter light.

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Winter Wedding Planning Guide - How to plan a winter wedding - Wedding Advice

A guide to planning a winter wedding!

So after a chilly winter I thought it was the perfect time to write a guide helping couples plan a winter wedding. There's a few things to consider when planning a wedding between Nov-Feb that don't apply when planning a summer weddings, especially from a photographic perspective and I wanted to write a bit about how to get the most out of your wedding day. All photos from Ross & Tara's December wedding.

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Shropshire Family Photographer - Relaxed and Unposed Family & Children photography

Last week I was back at one of my favourite spots in Shropshire, to do a family shoot with the couple of the first ever wedding I shot way back in 2009, at the very place they got married too - Walcot Hall! Because of this the location of the shoot was important and it was so lovely to have Issy and Richard there with their three beautiful children nearly ten years on. Here's just a selection of the documentary style family photos we took on our scenic walk around the Walcot grounds. 

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