My wedding photography bucket list!

My photography bucket list is essentially things that I would really, really love to photograph to do with weddings - cool locations, themed decor, fun activities...!

  • A French destination wedding -  As a (questionable) French speaker and avid lover of cheese and wine this may well blow my mind... Run down chateau in France anyone?
  • A wedding ceremony on the beach - England, abroad, anywhere as long as there’s waves! I've been lucky enough to do some couples shoots on the beach but I'd really love to do a ceremony. 
  • An elopement - I do special packages for this anyway but having never done one before I'm so keen to be involved in something some intimate and emotional!
  • A proper 'themed' wedding -  The more outlandish the better! Cartoons, Disney, Lord of the Rings..
  • ... on that note if you are having a HARRY POTTER WEDDING I would pretty much keel over and die of excitement. (Done in October 2017!) 
  • Anything involving sea, lakes, swimming pools... general water especially if it involves boats! 
  • Victoria Baths, Manchester Wedding Venue - I shot a styled shoot here a few years back and would love to do a real wedding. 
  • Fair ground rides - ferris wheels, merry go rounds, teacups.. who doesn't love a good fair ground ride at a wedding?
  • The Sychpwll Centre, Powys - I love this eco friendly wedding venue in Powys!
  • Unique locations – think old cinemas, tumbled down churches on cliffs, theatres, aquariums, any where a little bit different!
  • Garthmyl Hall - I love that this newly renovated hall is so close to me and I so want to shoot there! (Achieved in Oct 2017, and I can't wait to go back in 2018!) 
  • Booths Bookshop in Hay-on-Wye This is where we had our legal ceremony and it's truly to most beautiful venue. I'd love to go back!
  • Scottish wedding - I am dying to visit the beautiful Scottish landscape to shoot a outdoor wedding or elopement. My bags are already packed...
  • Eden Project - This space would be a dream to shoot in, and I am a huge fan of a road trip down to Cornwall too... (Coming soon in 2018.. yes!) 


I am also open to shooting destination wedding photography so if you are planning a big or small wedding abroad and are looking for a photographer, please get in touch.