Goodbye Christmas, until next year...

Three days into 2015 already... It's been a bit of a funny one for me as I've started the year off being pretty poorly. I'm not a big New year resolutions person, and there was nothing big I decided to change come Jan 1st,  but there is something about starting a fresh year and to do it feeling about 20% as good as usual is frustrating. Often the best tonic is to rest and recuperate, something I am NOT very good at, but I've reached a compromise which means huddling up in bed with Lemsip and copious amounts of pain killers, whilst working on all the back end bits of my business.

Although I've decided not to make any big personal life changes, there's lots I've been thinking about and planning for my businesses (you can read more about that on my 2014 roundup) and being bed-ridden has given me a chance to focus on putting these into coherent plans on my laptop (told you I wasn't good at doing nothing).

I also had my Victoria Baths shoot featured on Bespoke Bride on Friday, which was a great kick start to the year!

I had a very fantastic Christmas, and before we launch head first into January I wanted to share some of the photos I took. I don't take many personal photos, not as much as I'd like, but this Christmas I decided to take my Canon with me everywhere and document the things that are so important to me; family and friends. With three different  parts of family in different locations, Christmas is always a bit of an expedition, however it means there are three warm and loving welcomes to be had over the Christmas and New year period (and three times the amount of festive dinners and refreshments!)

Here are (some of) the people that mean the most to me.

Without you, I'd never be where or who I am today.

Snowy New Year in Shropshire

Sparklers and Christmas Dinner in Bristol

Homemade crackers and Mumma's Play in Hereford

Christmas day in Chippenham.