Relaxed and informal engagement shoot in Victoria Park, Bristol

In 2015 I've added engagement shoots as standard in my package. I know a lot of people can be put off by them, think they're unnecessary or 'cringey', but I really feel they can be an important addition to your wedding photography.

One of the main reasons is it gives the couple and me a chance to get to know each other, and get them used to me with my camera. Because the way I like to shoot involves minimum direction or posing, I also get to see how the couple naturally act together and therefore produce more natural and personal images to them, that they feel reflect them as a couple. And also some gorgeous photos for invites or save the dates are just an added bonus! 

My shoot with Andrea and Paul was my first of the year and needless to say I was *slightly* nervous about it! It's the first time I've shot in Bristol too, being new to the area, and we decided to photograph in Victoria Park which is right next to both of our houses. 

"We just looked at the photos; they're beautiful! Thank you so much. And the slide show is lovely too. I feel like if you can make us look that good on a day out in the park then our wedding day is pretty much sorted for beautiful pics.  I'm really chuffed with them and really feel like they capture Paul and I as a couple- basically lots of laughing! I'm really excited to choose one for the wedding invite even though it'll be very hard to pick one. Your photos have kick started us into excited wedding mode!"