Elisa & Ryan's alternative, relaxed and intimate hand fasting wedding in Dorset

Elisa and Ryan's intimate church wedding was nothing like I've ever photographed before. They chose a deconsecrated church* in a remote part of Dorset for the ceremony, led by non-religious celebrant Sophie. I have to say it was one of the most touching services I've heard in a long time; very personal to the couple, to their history and to their life. Elisa is from Columbia and between them they have made so many friends from across the globe, meaning their wedding was a beautiful combination of nationalities, accents and languages. The whole day was so laid back and  friendly, with Colombian influences as a lot of Elisa's family came over from there for the wedding. Not least the fantastic band who provided the music in the early evening.

One of the things I loved about this wedding is that these guys did things completely their way. I can honestly say that Elisa was the most relaxed bride I've ever met, more concentrated on having fun and enjoying the surroundings than her dress, hair or anything else I see a lot of brides fuss over. They also chose to have an unplugged ceremony - even I put down the camera and joined in their mindful ceremony, in which they wanted everyone to be present with no distractions. They chose to do a hand fasting as part of the ceremony, a tradition which is growing in popularity where by the couple ind their hands together with ribbon,  after saying their own vows. The church itself is where members of Ryan's family have been married before and has marked a special place for him before this day, and now the both of them. Their reception venue was a thatched barn accessed by a track near the church, which they had decked out beautifully in bunting, lights, and their own decorations.

*I wanted to write a bit more about the church as it was such an interesting venue to photograph in. Church of Holy Trinity is actually a deconsecrated church, meaning it hasn't been used for religious purposes since 1974. All the religious statues and elements have been removed, meaning it retains all the beauty and grandeur of a church, but without the religious aspect. 
Thank you both so much for letting me photograph and be part of such a special and memorable day.