Andrea & Paul's Humanist Handfasting Ceremony at St.George's Hall, Bristol

Cutting down Andrea & Paul's photos to blog about was hard so this is a long one, but I'm totally not apologising as their wedding was just lovely.

I met Andrea & Paul earlier this year when I photographed them for their pre-wedding shoot (They had the photos displayed up at the reception and it made my heart sing a little) and I knew there wedding would be a wonderful, relaxed affair. They have two children of their own and I loved how child friendly there wedding was. Their whole wedding seemed to really sum up who they are as people, celebrating each other and those around them, and to me that's what weddings should be about. 


"Oh Florence, these are lovely. The one of Ben and Matilda made me squeal and tear up at the same time! I'm also baffled by the fact that I did not see you take any of these photos..  It was great seeing the shits before the ceremony, as I wasn't there, but mostly because they honestly give me goose pimples and make me feel like I'm right back there. Thank you again so much. You were so relaxed during the whole day, which was great and you were so on top of everything, which just meant that I didn't have to be. Always a great thing. Lots of our guests commented on how nice you were and how easily you blended into the group, which I can only agree with. Thank you for capturing our day in such a gorgeous way."

Andrea & Paul, July 2015