Alice & Dave's engagement shoot in Regent's Park, London

Even though I love to travel around, the majority of my couples are Bristol based meaning that when it comes to e-shoots I generally stick around this kind of area. Although Alice & Dave are getting hitched in Bristol (planetarium wedding in reception in the aquarium....!) they actually live in London so this time I went up to see them and takes some shots in a different location. Ashamedly I've never actually been to Regent's Park, I'm a bit of a London novice, but it was such a beautiful place to hang out in in the afternoon. It's not too busy that you have passers by gawping at you, and there's tons of beautiful different locations to serve as backdrops.

These guys live just round the corner meaning it's somewhere that's familiar to be close to home, but also gave them a reason to have a leisurely visit. Dave is training for a half marathon and actually ran around it 3 times that morning too! 

 This shoot was everything I love about engagement shoots, having a casual stroll around while we get to know each other, and chatting about all the exciting details and plans for the big day.