SNAP Photography Festival Competition Entry!

When Snap announced they were running a competition to win a place at their 2016 festival I started racking my brain to think of something unique I could do for my entry. They have a range of photography speakers over a couple of days, and it's a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best in the business, and gain inspiration for your photographs. Aside all that, plus hanging out with other wedding photographer, swimming in the river and eating delicious food, I also thought their 'closing party' looked pretty damn can read more about what they have to offer on their website! 

So, for my entry, I got creative in the kitchen (you can totally tell I'm also a part time nanny, me and the girls make creative cakes every couple of weeks and they definitely helped inspire this!) and created the cake-version of Snap at Fforest. I photographed Wendy & Alexx's gorgeous tipi wedding there last year so am fairly familiar with the layout! 

Here's a little homemade video of me decorating (excuse the concentration face..) 

Points if you can spot:

- The river

- The happy egg by the pub door (that would be me)

- The tipi camping village

- The festoon lighting on the stable!

- The famous giant letter balloons!