Documentary Corporate & Event Photography and Videography in Shropshire

Documentary Corporate & Event Photography and Videography in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

As well as being a Shropshire wedding photographer I also photograph other events, including corporate events for businesses, meetings and other occasions in which documentation of the day is required, for promotional use or inside company PR. My style is exactly like my wedding photography; candid, unobtrusive and documentary. This is the perfect style is you are wanting the opposite of cheesy, posed corporate style images - something that sums up your company in a natural and genuine way, and therefore enabling you to communicate and connect with your customers. 

I have worked for Shropshire County Council in a few capacities, mostly documenting their annual event Boys Dancing for the last three years. This event was run at Gateway Centra in Shrewsbury showcasing arts organisations from around the area to teachers of primary schools - to help continue to expose children to all kinds of art, media, dance, music and theatre. I have also worked for Floreat homes, a residential developer who has recently acquired the new Radbrook site.