I moved... Officially a Shropshire Wedding Photographer!

Phew.. I moved a month ago but it's taken me this long to get round to writing this post - mostly because life is always crazy when you move and also I went to my hendo and attended the insanely amazing SNAP photography festival too - You can read about my experience there and watch my little video I made! My last few weeks in Bristol were working my job as a Nanny during the easter holidays, and fitting in a gorgeous family photo shoot before I drove back up to Shropshire, exhibiting at a wedding fair, shooting in Bournemouth with my best photographer friend Naomi, celebrating my birthday and catching up with people before I moved away. 

(Me letting my hair down with some wine time at SNAP!)

I am super, super excited to be living back in Shropshire, although I'm not quite as much out in the sticks as when I was growing up and am residing the lovely market town of shrewsbury. Moving house can be super stressful, and although I'm not quite settled in the house we're living in yet I'm sure it will come. For now it's exploring all the delicious restaurants that seem to have sprung up in the past year or so and enjoying the new surroundings. 

I exhibited at the wonderful Walcot Hall fair a few weeks ago and what struck me was the sense of community in the wedding industry here - something which can be quite hard to get in a bigger city. I met some lovely people and have a few shoots in the pipeline to work with such a talented bunch. You can check out my photos of the lovely suppliers I met on my blog post here. 

And to finish with, here is my favourite photograph at the moment, the background on my desktop and my constant reminder that I have the most wonderful women in my life.