'Equal Opportunities and Diversity Mission Statement'

I’m proud to photograph everyone & anyone

Couples of all cultures, genders, abilities, faiths, sexualities and  backgrounds are welcome here.

“Love is love”

Now is a more important time than ever to breakdown the stereotypes we have formed or been fed, dispel any misconceptions, prejudices and bias we have against others and to celebrate our differences. A wedding is a celebration of love, between two people. That’s it. Except we are given a very fairy tale-esque picture of what that day should be – and if you want to do things differently or if you look differently to blonde haired size 10 women portrayed n the magazines, there can seem like there’s no place for you. Things have come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, but there are still there are things like the shocking fact that none of the top three best selling wedding magazines have EVER featured a woman of non-white ethnicity on the cover.

One of my business values (if you want to read more about these you can here) is inclusivity and I want to do as much as I can to make every single person entering the wedding industry feel welcome and comfortable whatever they look like or regardless of any physical or mental disability.

It’s about creating a conversation and promoting change with diversity, and making sure ALL people getting married feel included in the wedding planning and process, that there are resources for everyone.


So what am I doing?

Þ   Aiming to showcasing all types of couples on my website and in my marketing materials

Þ   Using non-exclusive wording on my site and in my contracts

Þ   Supporting blogs and other photographers tackling the issues

Þ   Adding alt-tags on my website for visually impaired

Þ   Challenging venues that may have an old way of viewings things (e.g wedding fairs branded Mr & Mrs everywhere)


Here are some brilliant blogs that celebrate diversity and difference in the wedding industry.

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I’d love to hear any feedback on this from couples who have experiences in planning a wedding, their thoughts on any of the things I’ve touched upon or if there’s anything else I can do help the issues raised above. All images are from Nam & Paul's Fusion wedding at The Corran, Carmarthenshire. You can see more of their wedding here. 

This post is written as a direct response to attending Nu Bride’s diversity and inclusivity in the industry workshop. You can find more about her workshops, talks, and consultancy here.