Priston Mill Wedding Photography - Hayley & Arthur

Priston Mill nr Bath Wedding Photography

I met Hayley & Arthur at a wedding I shot at the YHA in Shropshire (the lovely Freya & Phil!) and was super happy when I got their email that said they were getting married at Priston Mill, a venue I've shot at before when I used to live in the South West. 

I started the day in the Prince George Hotel in Bath to capture the pre-wedding excitement, and then we all made our way over to Priston for the ceremony. Despite it being a beautiful morning with the sun shining the sky literally could not  make up it's mind and the outdoor ceremony got pulled inside at the last minute! But just as we finished up with an indoor confetti shot the clouds shifted and we enjoyed a sunny outdoor reception, however it then rained all through dinner, and then the clouds broke AGAIN for some beautiful field shots around golden hour. Hayley was an absolute trooper caring not one inch about her shoes or dress as we clambered the stile to the fields out the back of Priston - and I love the results. 

One thing this guys did well was bucking traditions they didn't want, for example they had breakfast together the morning of the wedding which I LOVE! And also Hayley did a speech at the wedding breakfast too, I always like it when the bride gets a say as well as all the traditional boys & men! They choose a big ceilidh dance to follow their own first dance which is always such a great ice breaker for guests and SO much fun. 

I have another Priston Mill wedding this year and I can't wait to go back!