Oswestry Church Wedding Photography - Second Shooting with Lisa Webb

Oswestry Church Wedding Photography

I've said it before but I really, really love working with other photographers as a second shooter. It gives me a chance to take a step back on the wedding day and focus on documenting pure candid style photography knowing that the main shooter has got the big things covered. This time I was working with the lovely Lisa Webb Photography on a very sunny day in Oswestry, Shropshire. I'm sure you've read me banging on someone else about how great a second shooter is - well here is an example from the other way round!

Wedding Photography at Brooks Around the Corner, Oswestry

I also love it because it gives me a chance to hang out with the lads! Usually I'm doing bridal prep so miss out on the pre-ceremony nattering and nerves so it was great to be able to document Alex & his best friends have a laugh in the morning. Alex is from Ghana and lots of family had come over to celebrate, creating a very colourful crowd in Oswestry church! Being from a fashion background he also looked extremely dapper...

 After some photos outside everyone headed to Brooks for a relaxed, laid back restaurant wedding reception. Pubs and restaurants make a really great alternative to normal wedding venues! 

So browse on for something different to my usual wedding photography blog posts - much more candid photographs taken in the background! Big thanks to Lisa for having me along (and sending my 'thank you' Maltesers afterwards - yum!)