Powys Wedding Photographer - Engagement Shoot in Shropshire - Pip & Tom

Engagement shoot in Shropshire - Pip & Tom

When I turned up at Tom’s family farm, the venue for their outdoor marquee wedding in June, fair to say I was speechless at the beauty and enormity of the house and gardens. I love it when couples choose to get married at a place special to them, especially when it’s theirs or their families homes. And especially when there’s going to be as many cool spot to photograph as here! 

Like most of my couples, these guys were super nervous about the getting in front of the camera and weren’t sure what to do, where to look or how to act. All of my couple photos are natural, unstated, relaxed - but how do you actually get to those photos? It’s not as easy as saying ‘just act natural’ I assure you. It’s about putting your subjects at ease, establishing a report with them, and making them feel comfortable not only in your presence but in front of the camera too. 

I always tell people it’s a practise run before the big day, but in actual fact the engagement shoot is way more awkward than the wedding day itself. During the day I shoot 99% candid photography so you hopefully won’t even know there’s a camera on you. During the e-shot it’s just you and me, meaning you are of course a lot more aware of the photos being taken. So I always say if you can survive the e-shoot the wedding day will be a piece of cake…

Believe it or not the point of the shoot is not to make you cringe in front of the camera so much, it’s more about getting to know me as a person and photographer, to help put you at ease.

I bang on about e-shoots a lot and how great they are, but after every shoot I get lovely feedback from couples who say how much it’s helped them ease apprehensions with the photography on the day.