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Flicks in the Sticks Rural Touring Films

So sometimes I photograph things that aren't weddings, and I love that. I'm passionate about communities, especially in rural areas, as it's where I was brought up, so I was extremely pleased to be commissioned by the charity Flicks in the Sticks to do some documentary work for them capture the essence of their screenings.

Flicks is a rural touring cinema that provides fantastic opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to enjoy film, especially foreign, subtitled or independent films that they might not usually go and see. It's affordable, there's no waiting 30 minutes for the adverts and you don't need to drive 50 miles to go to it, like you do for most big cinemas. I know I may be biased as the charity itself is run by my brilliant Dad but seeing first hand how these events bring communities together is wonderful.

You can see my documentary images of Garway Flicks in the Sticks on the blog now - they went above and beyond and provided themed snacks, drinks and encouraged fancy dress for their screening of Water, part of their World Film Project. 

You can see more Flicks screenings near you here: