Coffee Shop Wedding Photography in Gloucester, UK - Ollie & Lucy


"Florence, thank you thank you thank you for our photos and album. Utterly glorious, we are thrilled to bits. We have watched the slideshow and you have captured our wedding day so perfectly.  You were amazing, how you managed to get the shots you got to tell out wedding story was genius. Thank you again. Love, Ollie and Lucy xx

Ollie & Lucy's day summed up everything to me I love about weddings. They cut the crap, the wedding rubbish, the things they didn't need or felt pressured to have and just did it THEIR way. The whole day was centered around how lucky they felt to find each other and the genuine love they share together and for Lucy's two sons as well. 

Lucy got ready in the morning without bridesmaids , instead opting to have her bridesboys, sons Joel & Toby.  This meant although there was none of the usual the bridal party madness it was instead by all measures a 'normal' family morning with her boys, meaning Lucy was chasing them into the shower, cajoling them into brushing their hair and ironing their clothes. 

Their venue was a beautifully unique community coffee shop in Gloucester called Roots Community Cafe, run by their good friend who offered them to have their wedding there. Upstairs was decorated with drapes and fairy lights creating a space for their heartfelt ceremony which was led by their friend, and included readings from close family members and concluded with them dancing out to their all time favourite song. 

There was no table plan or seating arrangement, and instead of a formal reception they had a 'mingle and chill' and that's exactly what people did. Forgoing expensive canapés we had bowls of snacks and also Twiglets which went down a storm! I had no idea how mad people went for good old fashioned party food. Hello brilliant money saver idea! Their drinks were endless bottles of Prosecco bulk bought from the super market, and bread from the local shop, and I have to say I haven't seen a happier group of guests in a long time! I was made to feel so, so welcome by everyone. 

The style they were after was pretty much pure documentary wedding photography, just capturing the day as it unfolded in a candid way - genuine moments and no posing. Just the way I like it!  We did a few of the formal shots as most my couples want, but got them done snappily so they could get back to celebrating. And then just as guests were finishing their food Ollie, Lucy & I snuck out to just the back of their venue to take some of the two of them. I love the similarities and differences  between the old and new purposes of the building (it used to be an old tea factory) and Lucy as a designer loved the type phase on the side of it! 

Everything they did just goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune to celebrate with all your favourite and best ones by any stretch. As long as you have a venue (or just a roof over your head) some booze, food and music (even an iPod is 100% fine) people will come and they will celebrate.