What on earth is a SNAP & CHAT!? - Shropshire Wedding Photographer


(previously called Engagement Shoots / Pre-wedding shoots / Pre-wedding meeting etc...)

"They look great! Really pleased with them - you work wonders with awkward subjects!" Ben (Groom, June 2017 - you can see their photos here)

I've been struggling to find something to call these meet-ups without making it sounds super cringey so I've decided to name it so it does exactly what is says on the tin... a snap & chat session. Here's the lowdown....


What's the CHAT bit?

We can meet up anywhere you guys fancy; I have a favourite range of coffee shops or pubs near where I am (I'm equally as partial to a cuppa or a G&T!) And then we just chat! About you guys, about your wedding plans, about me, about photography, anything really. It nearly always goes off on random tangent but it's a great way to get to know each other a bit and help you relax before the camera comes out. 

What's the SNAP bit?

So once we're done nattering, I whip out the camera and we go for a nice stroll around where we've picked to meet, and I'll just snap away whilst we're chatting and walking. It's super informal and laid back, it's not a styled photo shoot and the whole idea is to try to shake off any awkward feelings you have. You can get used to me with a camera in my hand, and the way I photograph. 

Afterwards you get the edited files in high-res on an online gallery to use as you wish - save the date cards, pictures for your wall at home or just a new desktop background! 

Why do you do them?

The main reason is it gives us a chance to form a relationship ahead of the wedding day, crush any photography fears you have and make sure it feels like a friend has turned up on the wedding day and not a professional scary photographer. I appreciate wedding photography is a huge investment and I want you to get the very best out of it. Seeing how you interact together means your images are even more natural and reflect your personalities; I can pick up on unique quirks or things you're interested in and it gives me a better picture of you both as a couple.

On the wedding day I don't usually spend a whole lot of time doing couple photos (I like to do 2 x 10 minute blocks throughout the day) the main reason being most my couples want to spend time drinking champagne with their loved ones and not trekking up a mountain in search of the perfect shot. So to keep them nice and short it really helps if you're warmed up and relaxed already, meaning we can nail some gorgeous photos quickly and you can get back to celebrating. I do notice with couples who don't have a shoot we often spend longer taking couple shots on the day as they tend to be a bit more awkward with me and in front of the camera. 


These are £250 including travel all around the UK and I do them Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays.

I'm not convinced - it sounds so not us! Do we have to have it?

Of course not, it's totally optional. The feedback I get is SO lovely and every couple I've shot have said it's been worth while. Even though who admit they had a few reservations at the start!

I will say that nearly ALL of the couples say they are awkward / hate having their photograph taken / always look like an idiot / blink in every shot so please don't worry if you put yourself in that category. All the more reason to do a little practise run! 

"The engagement shoot really helped put us at ease about our wedding photos! We thought we would be quite nervous in front of the camera, but now that we've had a practice run and know how relaxed you keep things, we're not worried at all. On top of that, it was a really fun afternoon and we now have some really great photos as a couple to show for it!" John & Jas

Or lots of couples use them at the wedding too!