Wedding Planning Guide by Shropshire Wedding Photographer Florence Fox

So if you follow me over on Instagram, Facebook or read my blog you'll know earlier this year I put together a 12 part guide all about planning your wedding - using lots of things I've learnt from doing it myself last year and from working in the industry too.

I really enjoying pulling everything together and it didn't feel right just having it online when I love tangible planning things so much so I hired a designer and got it all put together in one snazzy booklet.

When people book with me they get sent these in the post as a little hello & welcome (who doesn't love a bit of snail mail?!) to help them with their wedding plans. There's tips in here about saving money, the best time lines of the day for a laid back day and lots more info from catering to music.

If you're planning a wedding and would like me to post you one of these, feel free to get in touch!