Shrewsbury Wedding Photographer - Shrewbury Art Gallery & Lion and Pheasant and Attingham Park

Documentary Wedding Photography in Shrewsbury


Presenting... The 'Anti pre-wedding' pre-wedding shoot! When I met with Alex (and her lovely daughter Daisy) she was adamant that they wanted 100% documentary, no formals, no posing, no staged moments - they are doing their wedding THEIR way and wanted someone there to capture it all unobtrusively and candidly.

Relaxed and Candid Wedding Photographer in Shropshire

With my full day package you get a 'snap and chat' session and although this might seem a little backward and typically engagement shoots are quite posey, it's basically just a chance for us to all meet, get to know each other and put you at ease with me and the camera in my hand. So we all met up, Daisy included as well as two of their furry friends (dogs on shoots are a YES from me) at Attingham Park and strolled around for an hour or so just talking. I didn't stop and post them once, or tell them what to do, i just captured their expressions, emotions and hopefully a little bit of their personalities. We also had some heated discussions such as "is an aubergine a fruit?", talking about Alex's many wedding nightmares (just over two weeks to go and they tend to kick in..!) as well as getting hounded by wasps at the beginning which meant that Daisy, Alex and I were leaping around like mad women outside the cafe.

These guys are having their ceremony at Shrewsbury art gallery and then walking down the hill to their reception and dinner at the Lion and Pheasant. I am going on Thursday for dinner for some 'research' read: any excuse for a dinner out.