Harry Potter Themed Wedding at Edinburgh Castle - Nat & Dan

Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Hold onto your hats people... this one's a good one! If you've seen my bucket list you know I have wanted to shoot a HP themed wedding forEVER being the mega fan that I am, so when Nat's enquiry came in last November I nearly collapsed with excitement. After a phone chat (Nat in UK and me in Thailand!) i knew we were completely on the same page about what kind of photographer she wanted for her wedding, and I loved all the inspiration and enthusiasm she'd put into planning her big day.

Edinburgh castle was chosen because of the ties it has with the books (for those who don't know.. JK Rowling wrote them there!) and also because it's where these guys got engaged. And also because it looks absolutely epic and a little hogwarts-esque!

Edinburgh Castle Wedding Photography

I knew Nat & Dan were a bit apprehensive about the photo side of things so I travelled to Harrogate to meet them(and their two super cool dogs Dexter and Gizmo to have a gin or two, take the dogs for their walk, and snap some photos along the way too!) You can see their engagement shoot here.

The day itself was GLORIOUS, beautiful sun and the most incredible light as it set over the city just after the ceremony. From arriving with the girls in the morning to leaving in the evening you can see how much effort Nat had put into everything with the decorations and planning. As you'll see below the ceremony room was decked out with so many special touches, and conducted by a celebrant who performed a hand fasting too. In the morning Nat had Hand stitched (!) jumpers for her bridesmaids making them 'free elves' as well. 

Anyway enough from me rabbiting on.. take a read of what Nat had to say (I teared up!) and look at these photos from their gorgeous day below!

"So I kept waiting for 5 minutes to sit down and write you a real message, but what with Christmas and New Year and the studio being MENTAL at this time of year, I haven't found a free second! So here we are...

THANK YOU! We adore every single picture and every missed moment you've managed to capture for us to relive over and over again, and keep forever. We can't choose a favourite and there have been endless hours spent already pouring over them again and again.. I even spent 3 hours (I KNOW RIGHT!) in boots selecting and printing photos for Christmas and December birthday presents. Our house is a photographic shrine to the day and we're both so grateful! You really are the very best decision I made when planning this wedding (except perhaps for the groom.. he was quite a good pick too!) and I truly mean that. You really are wonderful.

All our Love,

The Leworthys xxx"