So those who follow me over on Facebook, Instagram or sent me an email in November will have seen that I took a little internet / technology break for a month late last year, and amongst other places visited the incredible Cuba. There really are no words to describe the vibrancy and individuality of this country and the people who live there and as I'm no writer, I'll let my photos tell the story. It sounds odd but there, everything makes an amazing photo. The colours, the people, the daily life - it all makes for incredible shots. I quite often had days where I didn't take the camera out at all as it's so tempting to document everything and not really take it all in, and on the days I did take it out I constantly felt like I was missing 'moments' and great photo opportunities because there is just so much to capture. Shot in a whole mix of Havana, Vinales, Trinidad, Santa Clara & Cienfuegos. 

It was brilliant to take a break from emails and work admin, and so good to shoot just for me and just for fun. It always helps keep me inspired in my wedding work to just 'play' with the camera with no expectations.

Hope you enjoy!