Victoria Baths Wedding Photography Styled Shoot - Unique Wedding Venue in Manchester

As I'm giving my portfolio a bit of re-jig this February I keep being drawn back to photos on this shoot. Given that we only had a few hours, I can't believe we managed to squeeze in so many of a the fantastic spots that Victoria Baths has to offer. I absolute adore this building, I've done craft fairs there with The Vintage Binding Co before, and I just walk around with my mouth open in awe of the beautiful backdrops and the history of it all.

I'm re-blogging this again as my style has changed somewhat, and some photos speak more to me now than other back then! Chloe looks absolutely stunning in these, her and Lucas were the best people ever to work with! Lots of fun and a lot of energy.

One thing I'm really looking forward when I move location next month is shooting more weddings up north. Being in Shrewsbury means I'm much better connected to Manchester, Sheffield and even further up (Scottish weddings - yes please!) and hopefully I'll be shooting at some of the gorgeous urban venues and beautiful scenery up there in the coming year.

Even though this was a styled shoot, this really gave me a chance to try out some new posing techniques and gave me the time to think more about composition and angles. The couple shoot on the wedding day is one of my favourite parts, however often, and totally understandably, couples don't want to leave their guests for too long meaning you're thinking on your feet a lot and it goes really quick! Shooting without time constraints gives you a chance to slow down, think clearer and try new things. And then subsequently apply this next time you're shooting a wedding day for real!