Are you still hunting for a wedding photographer who does none of the posed, stiff, bossy stuff and just captures your wedding as it happens... with all the tears, hugs and everything in between? 

Then read on... 

I’m hoping you’re here because you saw my Facebook advert and you’re after great wedding photography, without the traditional posey format.

My whole focus is on capturing what’s going on as it happens, in a natural and laid back way. I’ll never tell someone to do something ‘funny’ or make you stand around for hours having formal photos, or drag you off up a hill for couple shots away from your guests. Most the time, you won’t even see me. I’ll be sleuthing around capturing people unawares, having a laugh with the groomsmen and putting people at ease that there’ a lady with two big cameras around.

Photography isn’t the focus of your day, having the best time ever is. Photography’s there so you can remember all the emotions, little moments and hilarities in years to come. I meet all my couples before hand so we build up a bit of trust and report, then on the day you do your thing (having a bloody amazing time) and I’ll do mine (capturing said amazing time). At the end you get a whole load of photos of your favourite memories of the day, as well as ones you missed or forgot about.

If you’re reading this thinking

‘YES this is what we’ve been looking for!’


then get in touch to see if I’m free your date. And as you came through my very special advert and weddings can be more than bit expensive, here’s £50 off your booking. Yippee.

If you want to have a nose at my life and see if I'm the kind of person you'd like to have around on your wedding day, take a peek at my Instagram which is full of wedding work and bits about my personal life too!