As well as being a wedding photographer I also run The Vintage Binding Co; a book binding company that creates unique and personal gifts from vintage books. This works wonderfully alongside my photography business as although I mostly create notebooks, I also create gifts perfect for weddings too. 

Handmade Vintage Wedding Guestbooks

These one-of-a-kind guestbooks are created by choosing a starting book (something to do with love &  marriage, poetry, something that relates to a hobby or interest, or your favourite novel) and then choosing how you'd like the inside to look.  The plain pages will be bound with some of the original book pages interspersed between them, with plenty of room for your guests to write little messages of love and advice. Extra pages can also be put it for photographs, maps, invites, love letters.. anything you fancy! Embossing of names and dates can also be done, as well as having personalised questions hand stamped on the pages for your guests to answer.

“Looking for a guestbook for our wedding, I knew I didn’t want something bland and impersonal, or that wouldn’t be a meaningful keepsake. Getting something run-of-the-mill off the high street with calligraphy writing and lace on the front was totally not going to work!

I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, but on discovering Florence’s Vintage Binding Company, I knew I’d found it. She worked with me to find the right book to use – a small vintage atlas, kept me updated on her search, and did a beautiful job in binding in blank pages and embossing our names and wedding date on the front.

It looks great, is personal to us – as we do like to travel and explore – and I can’t wait to get it filled up with messages. It really will be something to treasure, look back on, and pass down.” Annie & Dan, 2016 

Personal Wedding Gift Books 

Here's an example of a book that was made for a bride (a vegetarian chef!) by her bridesmaids, and given to her on the morning of the wedding. Inside are lovely photographs, notes and memories all written by the girls as a wonderful momento of the times they'd spent together. It's also a thoughtful gift for parents or relatives who have contributed to the wedding in some way!

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