Every time an email like the ones below pop into my inbox, I pretty much burst with happiness. Knowing that my images make my couples feel the way they do is the main reason why I do this job. Have a read below and see what my past couples have to say about working with me... hopefully they'll describe it better than I can! 


THANK YOU! We adore every single picture and every missed moment you've managed to capture for us. We can't choose a favourite and there have been endless hours spent already pouring over them again and again.. I even spent 3 hours selecting and printing photos for Christmas presents. Our house is a photographic shrine to the day and we're both so grateful! You really are the very best decision I made when planning this wedding (except perhaps for the groom.. he was quite a good pick too!) and I truly mean that. You really are wonderful.

Nat & Dan, October 2017


We have spent most of the morning looking through our photos and we are in love with them all. There are so many amazing ones, it will be impossible to pick even out top 500! Every single smiley face on the photos took us back to what a wonderful day we had and you captured it perfectly. 

Thank you so much for every single one. We will love spending hours on end looking through them over and over. You seriously are the best photographer and we are over the moon! We really hope we get to see you soon too!

April & Rich, September 2017


Florence, these are wonderful! We all sat down and looked through them tonight, lots of smiles and laughter all round. Thank you so much for capturing the event so beautifully.

I also especially loved the video, it brought tears to my eyes! I feel like I'll be watching it on repeat for a while.... You've done such a great job with it too, the editing is perfect and I love all the captured little details, they're the kind of thing that are easily missed but really add to the whole atmosphere.

I'm so glad that you've been involved in our wedding, it almost feels now like we were putting on a play, with lots of wonderful characters and you were definitely one of them.

Lucy & Mac, July 2016


Thank you so so so much Flo! We had such a crazy-good time. Everyone was saying what a great job you did putting them all at ease - Ben, who was a wedding photographer for years, said he didn't realise that you weren't a guest for a good couple of hours because you blended so well! And of course, we loved your company. You made us both feel so relaxed and when your photographer spots you for a pint when you've forgotten your purse what more can you ask! You were the cherry on the magical cake that was our wedding day. Thank you.

Kate & Ed, August 2016


We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful photographer to be there with us for our wedding. Florence made everyone feel at ease and was delightful company, great value for money (the post production service was amazing!) and most importantly took wonderfully creative and well constructed photos that have given us incredible memories of the day. The photos encapsulate our feelings on the day so perfectly that we were in tears when we viewed them for the first time. I cannot thank Florence enough for spending the day with us and would recommend her to other couples in a heartbeat.

Lizzy & Matt, Sep 2016


We absolutely love them! We spent all night going through them and you guys honestly did the most amazing job. There are so many lovely pictures, we will need about 400 frames at this rate! We've given the link to a few others too and everyone agrees they are just amazing.

Aah I just have to say again we love them so much!

Qas & Catherine, August 2017


We love them, our families love them. Everyone is so impressed with how well you managed to capture the day and all the amazing photos you took of everyone. We're completely speechless and blown away by how stunning the photos are. You've really captured the magic of the day. This is the best Christmas present ever!!

Thank you so much for everything you have done. We're so happy we had you as our photographer :) 

Emily & Lewis, October 2017


Wow - these are truly amazing! We have been through the whole lot a few times now and each time it makes me relive the day. I had the most fun at the wedding and you have captured that amazingly! 

Jenny & Andy, July 2017

I am also amazed at how well the photos bring the day to life A lot of our guests said how nice and relaxed our day was, and Ben's mum said to me that people don't realise how much effort actually goes into making it feel that way. I feel the same about Florence's photography. It would be far easier to take pictures of people standing and smiling; it takes a lot more to capture a moment and have photos that feel relaxed and care free, but that's genuinely how they feel. 

Ben & Naomi, June 2017


WOW! What can we say....? The video, the slideshow and all the photos are just amazing!!! You have truly done such a wonderful job, we can not thank you enough! Bubbly in hand, Simon and I just loved re-living the whole day through them.  We've had such a long testing day today, so these have cheered us up no end! 


I can't wait to share these with friends and family, you have captured some lovely moments and precious memories.

Simon & Sarah, July 2017


We absolutely love them and spent a blissful evening with a glass (or two) going through them and reminiscing. I have no idea how we will narrow it down to a few to go up on the wall!

We both agree that your relaxed documentary style totally suited what we wanted both on the day, and in the gorgeous photos you provided. The pictures where people don't know they're being photographed are the loveliest, and the ones of the kids are just... perfect!

You really captured the day.


Nicola & Ric, August 2017


It was only seconds into casting my eye over Florence's website that I knew she was the photographer for us! Her photos clearly captured beautiful, natural moments; there was nothing forced about them. Then, within moments of meeting Florence at our engagement shoot, I was utterly convinced she was perfect! She put my husband and I (who are notoriously awkward in front of the camera) completely at ease - we ended up just laughing our heads off, weirdly enjoying having our photos taken (this was VERY unusual!) and we LOVED the photos from that day - so natural, just as we had seen in her gallery. 

Our shots from our wedding day were stunning - such beautiful, subtle and intimate moments captured. Not only were the photos beautiful and natural, all the guests at the wedding wanted to be Florence's friend! She was so easy going, warm and happy, the guests just loved her, she fitted right in. I want to print out every single photo - I cannot stop looking at them! 

We couldn't have asked for a more lovely photographer, or more beautiful photos.

Vic & Rupert, May 2016


We are so thankful that we stumbled across Florence’s website and decided to book her for our wedding. Right from the start she felt more like a friend than a photographer and she made us both feel really comfortable especially as neither of us are big fans of posing for photos! On the day we hardly even noticed her taking pictures and she made sure she got all the shots we asked for. The video and photos she took perfectly capture the love and laughter of our day and all our friends and family have commented on how great they are. Florence you are truly fantastic and we cannot thank you enough for being part of our day! 

Hannah & Arron, Sep 2015


We absolutely adore the video! Its brilliant! It totally captures the day and what we wanted to achieve. I'm so excited to see the final photos now, I'm sure they are absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for being so amazing on the day. I hardly knew you were there snapping pictures away in the background and picking up all the little details we worked so hard to create physically and emotionally for the guests.

You were really professional, friendly and kind at all times which were all the attributes we needed on the day. 

Sarah & Craig, February 2016


We are SOOOOOOOOOOO happy with the photos! Thank so so much for doing such an incredible job! They are just THE BEST memories of the day and it's going to be SO hard to choose the ones for the album!

Hannah & Henry, September 2017


Our wedding photos arrived today and we could not be more delighted! They are absolutely beautiful and perfectly capture our big day! Florence has been so fantastic, keeping in touch during the planning, making us both feel so relaxed on the day and taking such gorgeous photos.

Thank you so much Florence! looking forwards to seeing you at Charlie and Tom's wedding I'm so glad they chose you as their photographer!

Charlotte & Steven, May 2017