Laura & Jack, Malmsbury Abbey Wedding near Bristol

I met Laura and Jack last year at Sophie & Ralph’s wedding, which is actually where they met too! I was over the moon when they asked me to shoot their big day in Malmbsury. I started the day at Laura’s beautiful family home with bridesmaids running around, very excited to get into their dresses, and the bubble of family chatter. Naomi was second shooting with me, and spend the morning with the boys at The Bell, documenting them getting themselves prepped up and welcoming the guests at the Abbey.

The car journey from Laura’s house to the abbey was filled with emotion, apprehension and the quiet spark of excitement. This time before a bride or groom is going to the ceremony is always something that seems to go so quickly but also last a lifetime, and some of my favourite moments are the hold holding, tight squeezing of fingers you’ll see below.

One of my favourite bits of the day has to be that Laura & Jack ruled out an evening of traditional partying and (after a quick costume change) left on a tandem to spend the night camping together near by.  





"We have just reached the end of your photographs and I had to write instantly to tell you how COMPLETELY WONDERFUL we think they are!  You have captured such happiness, thank you so, so much. They are beautiful, imaginative and exactly what we wanted! I can't believe you and Naomi had time for lunch as between you, you seem to have photographed every single guest and every single part of home. It has been a total joy going through them, seeing all our family, friends and US having SUCH a happy time." Laura & Jack