Vic & Ian's Tipi Garden Wedding in Leicestershire

Tipi Garden Wedding Photography in Leicester 

"We can't recommend Florence enough. We had a Skype meeting with her before our wedding and knew instantly that she was right for us. She fitted in perfectly all day and was so relaxed around all our friends and family, it felt like she'd been a friend for years. 
We are thrilled with all the photographs Florence took and found it nearly impossible to choose 80 for our album. She really managed to capture everyone enjoying themselves and laughing. The video is also fabulous and highly recommended, 3 minutes really highlighting all the fantastic moments of our day." Vic  & Ian

Usually I'm always lucky enough to meet my couples before the wedding at least once but since Vic & Ian live a little while away this wasn't possible, meaning that we had to do all our communicate via Skype & email. This made me a little anxious when I rocked up for their big day but I  have to say I have never felt so welcomed by a couple and their family! I instantly felt like I fitted right in with Vic's lovely bridesmaids (the youngest was just a few months old, eek so cute!) and could sense immediately that their wedding was going to be brilliant & laid back. Despite the fact they'd planned an outdoor ceremony under a beautiful arch, the rain just didn't give it up and they had their ceremony inside the tipi. Not that it mattered one tiny bit, in fact it made their group song 'Give me Sunshine' all the more ironic...

The tipi was set up in Ian's parent's garden and as I was ridiculously early (!) I went to snap some details shots before heading up to see the lovely ladies. I was bowled over by all the beautiful touches and quirks they had put in, to make it their own - beware this post is quite detail heavy! The beautiful photo hangings, flowers made from maps, book page hearts, lavender table plans...! Ah it made my heart sing.

They had a meaningful hand fasting ceremony led by one of their good friends, and also incorporated some Jewish traditions too. The rest of the day was magical and full of good booze, good food and great dancing. Their music was provided by Michael G Moore the insanely talents human jukebox piano man!  I made them a little few minute film to go alongside their photos which I think sums up the day perfectly too. I quite literally did not want to leave, despite having a very long drive home!