Shrewsbury Family Photographer - Documentary Family Photography in Shrewsbury - Nicky & Ric

Nicky & Ric are one of this year's lovely couples, they're getting married at Crown and Sandy on 12th August at a very child friendly laid back pub wedding, and we thought we'd incorporate their lovely three littles ones on their pre-wedding shoot.

We chose Haughmond Abbey and to my shame even tough I'm a Shropshire wedding photographer I've never been here before! The day was unbelievably overcast after a lovely weekend but that definitely didn't dampen our spirt (although it did our socks!)

I'm really proud of these images, I feel they capture the personality and love this family has in a very relaxed and natural way. The little moments and the 'reality' of children, not polished, not posed, not formal just a normal family on a normal day out. And we even managed to sneak in a few of Nicky & Ric by themselves!

"Wow! They are amazing! Thank you so much. I have no idea how you manage to turn such a rabble into such lovely photographs. I can't wait to see the wedding ones now :-)"